Real Estate




Real Estate offers several different types of opportunity for value growth.

Residential real estate naturally affects most of us, whether we buy or rend our homes. For a majority of individuals and families who own homes, residential real estate bcomes their largest investment. This is a synergistic investment, taking advantage of something that is necessary, a home, in a way that also makes it an investment. Although paying rent is merely a cost for which only temporary utility of having a home is returned, owning one's home returns both that temporary utility and in most cases ongoing value appreciation as well.

Beyond owning a home that you also live in, owning additional residential rental properties, or purchasing homes to improve and resell, known as flipping, are also common forms of real estate investing. Both require some amount of work in addition to the value invested, and return value in different ways. Rental property ownership requires occasional recruiting and screening of tenants, handling payments, routine and emergency maintenance, and sometimes enforcement of rules. Flipping requires intense repair and/or remodeling work, and project management. Both require ongoing accounting and compliance work. How well each of these very different types of investments fit each different investor depends upon both the investor's resources and applicable work skills. The more scope of necessary work the investor has the ability to do competently without hiring others, the more flexibility there is for cost efficiency.

Commercial real estate investment involves owning and leasing property that businesses occupy and/or use. The economics and issues of commercial real estate are very different from the economics and issues of residential real estate, requiring different skills and expertise on the part of a commercial real estate investor.

Real estate is related to income, landlording, flipping, taxes, investing, lending, debt, inflation, rule of 72, and many other activities and subjects.

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