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Nutrition is necessary to give your mind and body the ability to function properly. Good nutrition improves our minds' and bodies' effectiveness at mental and physical activities that improve our lives and increase the rates of improvements in our lives.

The decisions you make and actions you take to improve your life in all of its aspects, are directly affected by the effectiveness of your mind's and body's countless different functions, each relying upon certain vitamins, minerals and other nutrients to work as intended. Some of these functions have multiple different ways to work if the primary way is not adequately supported nutritionally, by robbing other functions of their nutritional support. This allows our minds and bodies to keep some of the most critical functions working well enough to support basic life, but still prevents optimum functionality.

The effects of inadequate nutrition can be difficult to diagnose exactly in many cases, and we are generally conditioned to seek symptom relief from problems we don't understand, instead of solutions to the causes of the problems. Simply paying attention to basic nutritional needs can make some of these problems go away, without symptom targeting drugs that can be costly and cause other, often worse new problems.

The best nutrition is dietary, if we can make the extra effort to manage what we eat, where it comes from, what it's treated with, how it's prepared, etc. But in our modern world, this is a big challenge. Many food crops are grown from nutrient depleted soils, treated with pesticide chemicals, processed in ways that further deplete them of nutrients and add preservatives to increase their shelf lives. An average person does not stay adequately educated on all of the layers of details that make up good nutrition, or budget the time and attention necessary to source foods from less convenient sources to get better nutrition, or manage the variety and quantity of foods needed to get all of the required amounts of the many different nutrients we all need.

Dietary supplements are readily available to fill some of the nutritional shortfalls in our diets. Nutritional supplements vary in quality, availability to be absorbed and used by our bodies, and potential risks of too much supplementation. Researching information about quality factors from trustworthy sources is important, and it is a good idea not to take more of any nutritional supplement than you likely need to meet minimum daily amounts, to avoid any risk of causing new problems.

Nutrition is the foundation of compounding the value of what you can accomplish with your mind and body.

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