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Magnesium has been found to affect literally hundreds of functions in the human body, and numerous studies have found that a majority of us do not get the proper amount of magnesium in our modern diets.

Proper amounts of magnesium in our bodies work in conjunction with other important nutrients to produce energy in all of our cells. Without sufficient magnesium to produce optimum energy in our cells, we cannot expect to have the overall energy necessary to perform at our peak productivity, no matter what we are doing, even when we are otherwise healthy.

Our immune systems are supported by adequate magnesium, improving our resistance to days of lost productivity due to common illnesses.

Magnesium affects deep sleep, and there is no question that proper rest is required for sustainable high productivity. It is also a calming influence which increases stress resistance and helps us handle more demanding situations.

Our brains are critical to our ability to produce efficiently and at high quality levels. Magnesium plays a key role in neurotransmission functions and overall brain health. Not only are our cognitive brain functions supported by magnesium, but our moods and dispositions are also dependent upon adequate magnesium. Some evidence suggests that magnesium helps prevent some headaches as well.

These are just a few examples of magnesium's role in productivity, and it costs very little to get enough magnesium in daily supplement form. Even a tiny amount of productivity gain each day can compount over time into very significant tangible returns, and for the miniscule cost of supplemental magnesium to provide certainty that we are gewtting enough into our systems, we can gain productivity in so many different ways that the daily difference may well be more than just tiny.

One additional note regarding magnesium. Drinking alcohol causes loss of magnesium from our systems, and adds even more importance to taking magnesium supplements.

It is important to note that this site does not provide any medical advice. Label instructions for any nutritional supplements, including magnesium, should be followed and your specific health and nutritional needs should be discussed with your nutritionally competent doctor.

Magnesium is related to energy, brainpower, health, nutrition, productivity, and many other activities and subjects.

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