Boredom | One of Life's Greatest Signals





Boredom creeps up on us in a way that tricks us into not seeing its clear signal. What boredom tells us is that we have capacity right now to invest some time in a way that will be valuable and lasting, and maybe even compounding. But how often do we miss the opportunity because it doesn't hit us over our heads or blast in our ears?

This topic came up recently when a young lady with a brighter future than she may yet know, posted a Facebook message to her friends about how bored she was. At her stage in life the lifelong positive return she can gain from each minute of productively invested time today is enormous. Maybe she, like so many of us, just need some ideas.

The array of possible time investment activities is larger than ever, and growing exponentially as technology continues to remove barriers of place and time. The world of people and resources keeps getting smaller, more connected, and more instant. You can find an instructional video and begin watching it almost immediately. You can find a book, download it to a reader and be learning something new and useful within just a few minutes. There are all sorts of ways to contact people you know to ask if there is a favor you could do for them now, which they would return sometime in the future when you really need it. There is always new art to be made, in any form, writing to be done, a real life puzzle to solve, or a potential problem to prevent. There is always something to measure so its cost and benefit can be better understood for better future decisions. This isn't even the tip of the iceberg.

Perhaps one of the challenges for some of us is simply that we haven't gained an appreciation or interest in the little steps to making our own lives better. The little steps don't give us any adrenaline rush. But looking back at some of the bigger things that we do appreciate, and listing all of the small steps without which the big result would never have come, may help. It may also help to choose time investments that require very few steps before noticeable results might come, even if the results are not big. They still add up, and they may start more quickly.

In short, boredom presents us with an opportunity to make a choice between wasting time and investing time. Wasting time has never made anyone better off or happier in the future than they could have been if they had invested the same time instead. That's the night and day contrast between the two choices. And if a habit is made of choosing to do something, anything productive as an investment of time when the boredom signal comes around, life will get better, faster, forever.

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